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Mr. B. Njio DMD, MortScEdin - Orthodontist - specialized in aesthetic braces

Bas graduated from the ACTA between 1992-1996 he also attended the ACTA’s orthodontist training. In 1996 he also successfully passed the specialist examination (MOrthRSCEd) at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. 

He's been teaching at Orthocourse since 1996. He continued doing research at the ACTA, University of Copenhagen and the University of Oslo. Since 1997 he worked as a orthodontist in Leiden and Voorschoten. He enjoys working with dentists in aesthetic teams. Bas is known as the innovator at Rechtetanden. Next to this, he a teacher at Bas is a member of the Working Group Surgical orthodontics Rhineland Hospital Leiderdorp. He has been focussing primarily on adult orthodontics since 2001.

‘I believe in a Scandinavian approach: Simple and understated, yet modern and progressive. In balance with nature, you might say.’

Bas began 15 years ago with invisible braces, way before other dentists knew these techniques. ‘The first invisible braces customer was an emerging singer from Amsterdam . He didn’t want to perform while wearing braces. And I didn’t see his braces during his performances...Did his radiant smile help him to break through?’

He is no stranger within the dental world. ‘We have lots of patients for whom it takes over an hour to get to our clinic. Because of the modern techniques we use, braces need to be adjusted only once every 4-8 weeks. My most favourite moment is when a patient of ours writes a positive review online. This definitely is the crown on our work, on the daily efforts of the whole team!’