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For most people, losing teeth or molars is a complete disaster. Dental implants offer the most natural and sustainable solution. A dental implant is literally an 'artificial' tooth root. It is inserted in the jawbone and serves as a basis for further construction to replace teeth or molars that are lost because of trauma, gum or root canal infection. Dental implants can also serve as a basis for individual crowns, fixed bridges or removable dentures.

Treatments - Implantology

Treatment Procedure

In order to undergo a dental implant procedure we must first make a comprehensive and aesthetic analysis. Using X-ray is the most important diagnostic prior to inserting the implant. We can examine the state of the jawbone and determine the overall health and aesthetics of the teeth. With this as a basis, and taking your wishes into account, we can propose the right treatment.

Making a root form implant is a surgical process which requires anesthesia. In short, the gum will be carefully detached. After which small holes will be drilled for the implant (if needed ‘artificial’ bone will be added) and the gum will be brought back into shape. Once secured, the gum will be stitched and closed. A week later, the stitches can be removed. In most cases this procedure is painless. Our aim is to make teeth that are placed on an implant look the same as natural teeth on real roots.

Giving your teeth a natural and beautiful appearance again

The beauty about implants is that they replace real roots. This means a new tooth can be placed in a very sustainable way, giving teeth a natural and beautiful appearance. No one will be able to see it is an artificial tooth on an artificial root. If proper care is taken, our implants can last a lifetime.