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Teeth whitening

The color of your teeth is genetically determined and depends mainly on the color and thickness of enamel and dentine, this lies underneath the enamel. However, tea, coffee, wine or cigarettes and certain drugs make teeth yellow. The degree of discoloration is also age dependent. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest solutions to get one of more teeth up to 10 shades whiter, restoring stained or discolored teeth to a healthy, natural color.

Treatments - Teeth whitening

Treatment Procedure

Our dental specialists always start with an aesthetic analysis of your teeth. In some cases it can occur that teeth whitening is not the most optimal solution for a whiter appearance. For example, placing veneers, implants, or replacing discolored fillings can also lead to the desired result.

Next to this, we evaluate whether the current color of your teeth can be whitened or not. If your teeth are healthy enough, and teeth whitening is the right solution for you, we will determine the exact colour of your teeth by using a colorpen and discuss your individual options.

At our clinic we primarily use the professional tooth whitening (bleaching) programs: external (teeth bleaching from the outside) and internal (inside bleaching of the tooth). These are the most reliable, safe and professional teeth whitening methods which can only be performed by dental specialists.

There are two methods of external whitening: professional whitening-at-home and professional whitening in our clinic (in office bleaching, a one-time, accelerated treatment).

When choosing the professional whitening-at-home method, you’ll take home a custom made mouth tray and teeth whitening syringes. This is the safest and cheapest method, but requires more treatments and there’s no direct professional guidance.

When you choose for the professional whitening in our clinic, your teeth will be bleached by a highly trained dental specialist during one single treatment. Then you’ll be given a package of aftercare products to take home. The result is more durable and the risk of swallowing a working substance is minimal, but it is more costly.

Internal whitening (from within) is mostly applied to one discolored tooth, usually caused by trauma, or an old root canal treatment. This effective method leads to a very durable result when you want to restore the original color of your tooth or root.

Getting your teeth many shades lighter

After our treatments, the end result is immediately visible and your teeth will look many shades lighter. In general, your teeth will look whiter for many years to come, provided that you take care of your teeth and visit your dental hygienist regular. Check here for a teeth whitening case.