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Root canal treatment

At the end of each root is a small opening where blood vessels and nerves pass through to enter the tooth. A number of causes, like infection or trauma, can result in inflammation or even in teeth dying off. Teeth can also get severely discolored or lose their anchorage. The goal of root canal treatment (cryotherapy) is to heal the inflamed nerve tissue and the preservation of natural teeth.

Treatments - Root canal treatment

Treatment Procedure

A root canal treatment depends on your individual situation. Because of our comprehensive approach as a specialist team, we can provide you with the finest solution available. Even if you’ve already given up on your tooth, we might be able to treat and save it.

The root canal treatment is a very accurate specialty, which not many clinics can perform to the highest standards. Our team of national and international specialists are highly experienced when it comes to complicated root canal treatments. We can always predict a satisfying outcome. We can also treat previous or failed root canal treatment performed at other clinics.

We perform every root canal treatment under the microscope. To us this is an absolute must. Our dental microscope is state-of-the-art so that we are able to identify and treat even the most subtle structures.

Getting your teeth healthy again

We understand that a root canal can often have unpleasant associations. We will go to great lengths to make sure every treatment is as bearable as possible, and always with a predictable result - getting your teeth healthy again and making them look beautiful. It’s safe to say that most teeth which have undergone a root canal treatment will last a lifetime.