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Orthodontic treatment involves the optimization of incorrect spacing between teeth by means of braces and, if necessary, improvement of the position of the jaws. We also treat misalignment of a bite, which can improve the overall shape and profile of the face, and we can make sure the filling of the lips is optimal. In our clinic, we focus mainly on adults. Orthodontics plays an indispensable role in the fields of restorative, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry.

Treatments - Orthodontics

Treatment procedure

Before placing braces, we first have a thorough look at your dental situation. Once this is done, we can advise you on the most optimal solution. Sometimes complaints can be solved without the use of braces.

After extensive preparation (X-rays, photos and impressions for plaster study models of your teeth), we can place either aesthetic brackets or invisible braces.

The standard braces treatment consists of white brackets (tooth colored) and white wires. Simply because it looks prettier then regular, metal braces. The old-fashioned idea that aesthetic brackets easily discolor, loosen quicker and lead to longer treatments is no longer valid.

Some people specifically ask for invisible braces. In these cases we can place ‘lingual’ (hidden) braces. The braces are placed behind the teeth, so no one will know they’re there. These are really invisible, and a lot more comfortable.

We also offer the ‘Invisalign' treatment. This consists of a series of nearly invisible and removable ‘aligners’ that need to be replaced by a new set every 2 weeks.

This advanced technological system is one of the most modern solutions to straighten crooked teeth (virtually invisible) and a clear alternative to metal braces for adults, kids and teens.

Getting your teeth beautifully lined up again

In general, the fastest way to aline adult teeth is with standard braces. The average treatment lasts between 12 and 18 months. Whichever treatment you choose, we will make sure that your teeth will line up beautiful again and your bite will be a lot better.