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Oral hygiene

We not only believe in creating a healthy mouth, preserving it is equally important to us. Before, during and after your treatments in our clinic you will be assisted by a professional in the field of oral hygiene. Next to healthy teeth, gums play an equally important role in dental health. Gum disease is often identified by red, swollen gums (painful when touched), bad breath and bleeding. Untreated gum disease can lead to serious problems of the bone resulting in detached teeth.

Treatments - Oral hygiene

Treatment Procedure

No mouth is the same when it comes to taking care of it. Our aim is to offer you all the possibilities available for optimal oral hygiene. Professional cleaning also plays a major role. All our professionals specialize in optimal cleaning methods for your teeth.

Our prevention assistant is responsible for the regular maintenance of your mouth. She will provide you with all the information and instructions needed to take care of it. In case problems still do arise concerning your gums and the underlying bone, our hygienist will take care of this.

Making sure your healthy mouth stays healthy

Through dental cleaning, information and instructions, we will make sure you know exactly how to take care of your mouth and teeth. By doing so, we can minimize the risk of future problems.