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Ms. E.P. Boumans Periodontal prevention assistant, surgical and allround assistant, bleaching specialist

The highly motivated Eva Boumans graduated as a dental assistant at the NOVA College in Haarlem in 2008. She then followed a two-year Oral Protection training, after which she worked at various clinics as a preventive, surgical and dental assistant. Eva has been working at our clinic since October 2012.

She gained lots of experience in different fields of dentistry over the past years and assist during various surgical and dental treatments performed at Iankovitch. Eva excels in treating patients when it comes to the fields of prevention and dental cleaning. She also independently carries out delegated dental acts.

In December 2015, Eva successfully completed a course in Advanced Periodontics. She is, in co-operation with the our dentists, responsible for guiding patients when it comes to prevention and oral hygiene. Next to this, she treats active periodontal problems. Eva sees it as a challenge to offer patients the best advice and tools for good oral hygiene and thus, together with our team of specialists, creating optimal oral health.

Accuracy, empathy and curiosity are all part of her strong character. She loves to learn new things that increase her knowledge, in order to offer our patients even more care. Also in the digital field she’s a true asset to our team. Eva enjoys her work to the fullest and is especially great at treating kids.