Results that speak
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Cosmetic dentistry (discolored and irregular teeth)

Cosmetic dentistry stands for the creation of beautiful teeth and a natural radiant smile. 

Cosmetic dentistry (discolored and irregular teeth)

Analysis conclusion

  1. Teeth are discolored
  2. Poor-fitting crown
  3. Irregular position of the teeth


The plan and cosmetic treatment

The irregular position of the teeth was so minimal, that there was no need for orthodontic intervention. In order to be able to create a natural-looking crown, the discolored root of the front tooth was first bleached from within.

All other teeth were bleached from the outside and the uneven line of the smile was corrected by 3 ultra-thin porcelain veneers and a porcelain crown. 

Overall, a minimal invasive treatment was performed to perfect a beautiful, natural smile.