Results that speak
for themselves
and creation 
of true beauty

Cosmetic dentistry (full mouth rehabilitation)

Cosmetic dentistry stands for the creation of beautiful teeth and a natural radiant smile. 

Cosmetic dentistry (full mouth rehabilitation)

Analysis conclusion

  1. Proportions of the teeth, gum tissues and upper jaw are not in harmony
  2. Line across the upper teeth is not regular
  3. Teeth are damaged because of old fillings and dated dental techniques
  4. Teeth are also damaged and discolored because of grinding and natural aging
  5. Lower front jaw bone exceeds too far down


The plan and cosmetic treatment 

The patient desired a brilliant new smile, beautiful lips (without any plastic surgery treatment) and an overall natural look.

The front bone of the lower jaw was reduced, in line with our 'minimal invasive' method. The gum has been corrected by performing microscopic surgery. The irregular position of the teeth was improved by minor orthodontic treatment.

Then ultra-thin porcelain veneers and crowns were placed. To finalize, the patient was given a custom dental night guard to protect the teeth from wear and to maintain the results.

Once the patients saw the final result he said: 'This is just perfect.'