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Aesthetic dentistry (irregular teeth and periodontitis)

Aesthetic dentistry combines beauty with scientifically proven treatments.

Aesthetic dentistry (irregular teeth and periodontitis)

Analysis conclusion

  1. Irregular position of the teeth
  2. Inflamed gums
  3. Different shape and color of the teeth


The plan and aesthetic treatment

The patient's wish was a straight row of beautiful teeth and a healthy mouth.

The periodontitis (gum disease) was first treated successfully to create a healthy base, in order to commence with orthodontic treatment. What followed was an extensive orthodontic analysis (both functional and aesthetic). Together with the patient it was decided to start with an aesthetic braces treatment. This lasted for a total of 8 months (the upper braces were removed even earlier).

What followed next was a bleaching treatment. Finally, the shape of the teeth were perfected by means of composite (a minimal invasive procedure) which resulted in an overall healthy mouth and a perfect, natural smile.